About Us

Welcome to Mind Shatter.

We have 20+ years of experience which has been used to create Mind Shatter.

Mind Shatter is a high quality mail order marijuana dispensary.
We are not your average online dispensary. At Mind Shatter you are a client and not a customer.

When you type ‘dispensary near me’,  ‘online marijuana dispensary’, or ‘online dispensary Canada’ you get hundreds of results, including ours. How can you know which store is right for you?
At Mind Shatter our focus is providing our clients with the best medicine possible.
Further, in our opinion, what is missing from many dispensaries is customer service. We find how you are treated and how knowledgeable the staff are to be just as crucial as product quality.
We source, make, and carry top quality marijuana, edibles, topicals, shatter, oil, rosin, budder/honeycomb, and more. Combined with this quality, we find our client support also sets us apart from other dispensaries. Regardless of whether you are new to cannabis, or have you been using for some time, Mind Shatter is an inviting community.

In Canada, the marijuana climate is changing, and Mind Shatter aims to evolve with it. With our loyal clients and our new ones, we move towards bringing more innovative products and high quality marijuana to mainstream society. We have known for years the medical benefits of marijuana, and now, the world is starting to acknowledge it as well.

 We offer consistency, service, and quality.

We accept ALL clients who are 19+.  

If you have questions about us, just message us. We are here for you.

[email protected]


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