Buy Edibles Online in Canada

Edibles provides you a great way to have a taste of cannabis without needing to smoke it. We offer you a premium variety of cannabis-infused edibles. From our hand-picked selection, you can buy edibles online in Canada for all your needs. Whether you are working on wellness, anxiety, diet, stress, depression, we are sure you will find what you need in our store. At Mind Shatter, we provide a wide variety of edibles, including candy, cookies, chocolate, rice crispies, honey, beverages and more.

Our cannabis food products are discreet, light, and easy to consume. They have the same delicious taste as all the other sugary treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. When consuming these cannabis-infused treats, it is recommended to take them in portions or to divide up the product as they may come on very strong compared to the low dosage smoking of flowers.

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Our Edible Range

We, at Mind Shatter, bring to you a wide range of edibles. Check out our categories and high-quality premium products that differentiates us from other stores from where you can buy edibles online in Canada.

Beverages – We deliver premium quality tea from Wisley Tea Company. Bringing organic cannabis tea, hand-blended with a harmony of flavours. Palate-pleasing and aromatic, our unique and explicit blend of herbs, berries, and flowers bring you the best of both worlds: a balance of CBD with THC.

If you are looking for CBD Edibles in Canada, then this can be a perfect choice.

Brownies, Bars and Snack Balls – Buy one of Canada’s most trusted providers of lab-tested THC infused edibles, Faded Cannabis Co. Each batch of scrumptious brownies is made with real dark chocolate, pure fair-trade cocoa powder, and finest lab-tested full-spectrum THC extract. These heavyweight brownies pack a two-punch combo with their high THC content and delicious taste! For the lovers who are searching for cannabis infused brownies, you have reached the right place

Candy – Choose from our wide range of both Hard and Gummy candies. All are THC based. Shop online our THC gummies and other cannabis infused candies

Chocolates – A perfect solution to your edible needs. You can shop from a variety of cannabis infused chocolates including dark chocolates and milk chocolates. All our products are lab tested to provide the uppermost quality. Like using vaporizers, cannabis aficionados and patients all enjoy cannabis chocolates as they are discreet for on-the-go medication. If you’re looking to buy cannabis chocolate online in Canada, you’ll certainly find it here.

Oil Drops – CBD tinctures and CBD oil are becoming a more popular alternative treatment for numerous medical conditions, including chronic pain, epilepsy, and anxiety. These are concentrates that fall under edible category. This CBD edible can help you cure various medical conditions. You can buy these edibles online in Canada and get it delivered at your doorstep!