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Amsterdam Sugar Wax by Flawless Concentrates

Developed in the Netherlands, it appears the idea behind creating the Amsterdam strain was to generate a sativa strain that produces exceptional yields of extremely potent buds in an indica like flowering time. The resulting strain is high in THC and low in CBD, and has one of the most exciting and clear headed buzzes around.

The Amsterdam strain’s aroma is mixed with berries and fuel. The smoke has an enjoyable mix of sweet fruit and spices along with hints of fuel and melon. The buzz comes on quickly, is clear headed and long lasting, and won’t have you feeling lethargic. This is great weed to encourage creativity and socializing. Medically, it can be used to treat anxiety, depression, and a loss of appetite.

What is Sugar Wax?

As dabbing becomes increasingly popular, manufacturers of concentrates continue to develop different types of dabs. The many varieties of concentrates can be confusing and a bit overwhelming if you’re new to dabbing. There’s shatter, ear wax, ice wax, butter–just to name a few. Generally speaking though, a dab is a dab, which is a concentrated marijuana extract. The many types of concentrates or dabs are all very similar really, and the differences are mainly superficial. Different classifications of concentrates are primarily based on how the concentrate is extracted and on the consistency and texture of the end product. Learning about all the different types of concentrates at once can be a bit overwhelming, so in this article, we’ll focus solely on a type of concentrate called sugar wax. Here are the basics of what sugar wax is, how sugar wax is made, and where to buy sugar wax.

What is Sugar wax and how is it different?

Sugar wax is a marijuana concentrate with a full flavor and a slightly grainy texture. It’s a little less messy than some of the other types of concentrates as it’s a bit thicker and not quite as sticky. Many people prefer sugar wax for its richer, more complex flavor profile.

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