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Originating out of Vancouver Island, Canada, Timewarp or Texada Timewarp has been grown on both the Texada and Vancouver Islands for decades.

The strain was originally clone-only and is descended from a Canadian landrace hybrid that is mostly Sativa. Unfortunately, the first iteration of this strain is nearly non-existent but a few breeders have inbred and back-crossed it to create the strain in seed form. Breeders that have created their own version of Texada Timewarp including Peak Seeds. Often tasting of lemons with a slight hint of pine, Texada Timewarp instills a lighter calming body buzz and a bright cerebral uplifting high.

Suitable for daytime use as most users do not end up feeling lethargic and weighed down, Texada Timewarp may help make some lesser pains more manageable. Its uplifting effects may help stave off the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

Texada Timewarp is  somewhat of a rare breed, it was specifically designed to be grown outdoors, where some plants can reach up to 13 feet. Created for those growers that felt they had to sacrifice flavor and potency for survivability, the strain resists pests and molds. It also has sturdy branches that can stand strong against winds. Not much information is left about growing true Texada Timewarp but its descendants generally finish in late September or mid-October. Yields for these strains range between between 100 and 600 grams per plant.

Breeders comment: I purchased a seeded crop of Texada Timewarp from an outdoor guerilla gardener here on Vancouver Island BC in 2002. Texada Timewarp is a classic outdoor strain created for the Pacific Northwest climate on Texada Island. I used these seeds to breed with and offered them for sale for a while. Customers were very happy with the product and we continue to get requests for this strain.
I, however, was not completely happy with the off-spring and selected a great female, short, fat, fast-maturing but with sativa leaves and high to breed with and we are now offering these hybrids for those looking for early maturing outdoor strains…

Available in 5 seed packages.

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